Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Tint Your Windows Too Dark

Tinted windows provide a wide range of benefits to both the vehicle and those inside it. In addition to reducing heat, glare, and interior wear, tinting can also provide a sleek look to the car and can protect its passengers from UV exposure. Tinting your windows too dark, however, can have detrimental effects that far outweigh the upsides. Here are some of the main reasons you should be thoughtful of your tint level and the impact it can have on yourself and other drivers.

It may not be legal

Tinting laws vary from state to state and your desired level of darkness may not be legal. States with warmer weather typically allow for darker tint to provide more heat reduction and UV protection, while states farther north tend to have stricter guidelines. Depending on the state, penalties for tinting too dark can range from a simple fine to car impoundment. Be sure to know your state?s tinting laws before you try to turn your car into the Batmobile. Here?s a breakdown of Minnesota?s tinting laws:
? Coupes and Sedans
o Front side windows: At least 50 percent of light must be allowed through
o Back side windows: At least 50 percent of light must be allowed through
o Rear window: At least 50 percent of light must be allowed through
? SUVs, vans + Trucks
o Front side windows: At least 50 percent of light must be allowed through
o Back side windows: No limit
o Rear window: No limit
? No windshield tinting is allowed on any kind of vehicle in Minnesota.

It can impede your vision
Tinting to a certain level can help your vision by reducing glare and sunlight, but tinting too dark can end up having the opposite effect. Particularly on cloudy days or during inclement weather, seeing through darkly tinted windows can be a challenging task. This poses a significant safety threat to you and other drivers by reducing your ability to see and react to oncoming obstacles, particularly at high speeds.
It may increase your insurance rates
It?s no secret that insurers have been known to frequently increase rates for seemingly benign reasons such as owning a red car. Having too dark of a window tint also falls under this category. Insurers see dark tint as being detrimental to your driving ability due primarily to the vision hazard previously mentioned. It?s important to keep this in mind as you determine your level of tint.
It can prevent visibility from rescue personnel
A popular reason people decide to tint their windows is to reduce visibility from the outside looking in, increasing privacy and unwelcome stares. However, tinting too dark for this reason can also keep rescue personnel from being able to see clearly inside the vehicle in the event of a major accident. This can prevent them from being able to quickly assess your condition and can cost precious seconds that could mean the difference between life and death.
Window tinting provides a number of great benefits to the vehicle and the owner, but tinting too dark can be a dangerous and costly affair. TintWorks provides high-quality tinting on all types of vehicles and is here to answer any questions you might have about the tint laws and what is allowed. Contact us today to request a quote and achieve a better on-road experience for you and your vehicle.